f1 hanoi 2020

Formula 1 Hanoi 2020

Hanoi will hold an Formula One World Championship (F1) in April 2020, The third race of the world takes place on the street of Hanoi, 5,565 km long. Hanoi – Vietnam Road race will become part of the system of F1 World Championship.

Schedule F1 2020 Hanoi

– The race will last for about a week and the main event takes place on Saturday and Sunday, April 2020 Hanoi.

– Hanoi Road race has 22 segments, including 2 straight runs. The main race time is about 4 hours.

– The F1 street race in Hanoi is scheduled a unique road in that it surrounds the My Dinh National Stadium, plus a new section of track and fields.

f1 hanoi 2020
The F1 race in Hanoi has a total distance of 5,565 km

With the design of the current race track, Hanoi – Vietnam raceway will soon be deployed in the area of My Dinh sports complex. When this racetrack is put into operation in April 2020 will form a part of the system of F1 world championships. The 5.565 km race track was designed by the Tilke Group (Germany) and is also the third street race track in the world. The race in Hanoi is not only a challenge for riders but also gives the audience, the fans exciting performances.

f1 hanoi 2020
An attractive sporting event for Vietnam; attracting many international travelers to Hanoi.

Note the date and plan your trip to Hanoi to attend this special occasion of F1 Championship Hanoi 2020.

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