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State Department reprimands China over sex trafficking and forced labor

State Department reprimands China over sex trafficking and forced labor

State Department reprimands China over sex trafficking and forced labor

The State Department on Tuesday sees China as one of the countries with the worst records of sex trafficking and forced labor, degraded designation that Beijing has called irresponsible and could complicate Washington’s efforts to isolate more North Korea on its weapons Nuclear weapons.

China has been abandoned on a level 3 watch list, the lowest ranking in the State Department’s annual report on human trafficking. The report says that China has made significant efforts to curb forced labor and trafficking, and suggested that the country was degraded by reducing law enforcement efforts.

Level 3 is reserved for countries considered as not meeting the minimum standards. In theory, the rating could lead to sanctions, although presidents often give up this step.

Noting the introduction of the report, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the downgrade of China was partly due to the use of North Korean workers whose salaries are paid directly to the Pyongyang government.

He said that North Korea earns hundreds of millions of dollars a year in foreign currency, despite international sanctions, it earns 50,000 to 80,000 workers forced to work abroad in mining, construction and restoration. Most of the work in Russia or China said.
“Responsible nations can not simply allow this to continue,” said Tillerson. “We call on all nations that host North Korean workers in a labor agreement to send these people home.”
Tillerson said that one of the reasons for China’s decline in this year’s report was “because it has not taken serious steps in its own complicity in trafficking, including forced labor North Korea.”

China is torn apart in the same category as North Korea and Syria. Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said the United States applies its own laws in China. He defended his country’s efforts to fight trafficking and forced labor as “obvious for everyone to see.”

“As we have said many times, no country has the right to speak irresponsibly in China’s internal affairs,” Lu told reporters in Beijing.

Rep. Christopher H. Smith (R-N.J.) Who wrote the legislation that created the report 17 years ago, praised Tillerson to put China on the site. Smith said in a statement that the Secretary of State “deserves the recognition of victims and human rights activists, calling the deplorable history and complicity of the Chinese government in the cruelty of the problem of sex and trafficking.”

Tillerson’s personal appearance at the presentation of the report was surprising because he ignored the Department of Human Rights Department’s annual report in March, a measure that was criticized.

However, the report on trafficking in human beings has been made public under the chandeliers in a large and bright room where official dinners held. He was assisted by newly confirmed MP Tillerson, John Sullivan and several members of Congress, including Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn), chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
Also present was Ivanka Trump, who organized a panel discussion at the White House on the fight against trafficking in persons and met in Rome with women victims of African prostitution. The girl and the president’s advisor have a fashion line with many items made in China.

This month, the State Department has asked China to release three trade unionists who were detained during the investigation of conditions in Ivanka Trump factories.

He described trafficking in a “widespread human rights” problem, which controls around 20 million people worldwide, including the United States, and called for elimination.

Since the annual report on human rights, the report on trafficking in human beings is the result of a year-long job by State Department employees at embassies around the world. The period covers a little more than two months in the Trump administration.

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