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Additional guilt that it is their mental stress that may be responsible for their infertility.

The high-pressure atmosphere of the IT world, long working hours, working against the biological clock and adopting a nocturnal life pattern to deliver goods before clients in the West wake up, the junk food habit, lack of physical exercise and plain exhaustion are the main culprits of infertility, opine members of medical fraternity. Following is a real case, with the names changed.

Vanitha, a highly successful doctor, and Mohan, CEO of a big IT firm, hardly have any time for each other. Owing to their contrasting schedules, they often miss the fertile period, which falls between the 10th to the 16th day of the 28-day menstrual cycle and peaks on the 14th day. The result is that they landed in the infertility clinic. After two years of trying, along with undergoing a lot of mental trauma and spending a chunk of their savings, they finally had a bouncy baby boy.

Total abstinence is not good for fertility. If a man does not have an ejaculation at least once a week the stored sperms lose their strength. Several couples these days stay apart during their initial years of marriage, excepting for short meetings during week-ends and or once in a month or two. Consequently, they lose out on the brightest possibility of conceiving a baby. The delicate reproductive act cannot happen successfully
when our bodies are out of harmony with nature. The sexual drive and our ability to reproduce is one of the first mechanisms that the body shuts down when people are not in optimal health. Consuming birth control pills indiscriminately for a long period of time also affects fertility.


Tips for infertility self-help:

Before seeking medical help, enhance your own fertility potential.

Body weight, diet and exercise: Proper diet and exercise are important for optimal reproductive function. Since a normal hormonal balance is essential for the process of conception, extreme weight levels, less or more, can contribute to infertility.

Review your medications: A number of medications, like the ones used to treat ulcer problems and high blood pressure can influence a man’s sperm count. Many medications taken during early pregnancy can affect the foetus. Seek your doctor’s advice on the effect of these drugs.

Stop smoking and drinking alcohol: If you had used drugs, discuss this with your doctor and stop using them if you want a healthy baby.

Infertility, which often creates one of the most distressing life crises that a couple  has ever experienced

together, is not merely a physical but an emotional and social condition as well. It has a rippling effect on all areas of life and carries with it intense feelings of depression, Guilt, anger,    stress, disappointment,

resentment, blame, fear of losing partner, diminished confidence and self-esteem, frustration and Isolation, thereby triggering negative feelings between the couples. I am still unable to get over the feelings of pity and compassion when my domestic help came running to me one day and tolc me of her sob story. She does not have any children and even though the problem lies with her husband, he still tortures her and is threatening to leave her.

Treating infertility: A uterus problem is usually treated with fertilit. drugs that promote ovulation fc. stimulating the hormones. In some cases hormone replacement therap. is used to induce ovulation. If there is a blockage in the fallopian tubes, a surgery may be necessary.

I visited Iswarya Fertility Centre in Coimbatore and met Dr S Chandraleka, chief of the hospital, and wanted to kno.- about some unique case/case; which were treated here. I came know of a rare medical operation s the hospital a couple of years ago – 27-year-old woman with hardly a’ hope of conceiving due to the presence of two uteruses in her be: had delivered two baby boys through a Caesarean sectic* She was also affected by e rare congenital anoma called uterus dideiphus • which, two cervixes a’: two vaginal openings an present. The two mae babies were healthy, w – each weighing 2.5 kg a~: 2.7 kg respective’ Parents of the twins coj : not thank their doer- enough who had becc– god to them. Iswarya Fertility Centre “a


facilitated the birth of several children through assisted reproductive techniques.

My friend Dr Reena told me about the case of a couple who was trying to get pregnant. At the age of 30, Praveena and Prabodh (names changed) started treatments which remained unsuccessful after 14 months, Praveena had Laparoscopy/Laser surgery with some reconstruction to her fallopian tub.

Thereafter their option was IVF (test tube baby) — in vitro fertilisation (a technique in which egg cells are fertilised by sperm outside the woman’s womb) — with a 40 per cent chance. Prabodh’s count was very normal, but Praveena had endometriosis, hormone level problems and scar tissue. She had four embryos fertilised but only two remained. Finally she made it to 33 weeks gestation, when she was in for a congestive heart failure and her twins were in trouble with slowing heart rates, because of her problem. With unrelenting faith and hope she finally had two beautiful twins — a boy and a girl who are now five years old.

Gone is the golden era and our society has totally changed. So what is the advice from the medicos? Give priority to personal hygiene and physical exercise. Live by your biological clock, marry at the right age, avoid unplanned pregnancies, protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases, and most important, do not put off having your first baby. Be an early bird. “Couples must spend more time with each other so that they can nourish their relationship and allow it to bloom,” says Dr Kannagi.

New Solutions: The silver lining in this cloud of infertility problem is that it can be solved. IVF and ICSI (single sperm injection) have come close to solving the most desperate female and male factors in infertility. There is an array of assisted reproductive technologies that are now available for a price and over­agonising hours of waiting sometimes even for years at the hospital. Women who cannot give birth can opt for surrogacy, wherein a womb can be rented. Even women who would like to have children without pregnancy can opt for surrogate mothers. Surrogacy is not illegal in India simply because there are no laws and this makes surrogate mothers vulnerable to exploitation. Surrogacy in India is simpler and cheaper than in other developed countries.

I found this news item about outsourcing to India taking a new dimension which drew my attention. A childless Singaporean couple, in their mid-thirties, after having tried for five years to start a family, found an Indian woman to mother a surrogate baby. They had approached a hospital in Mumbai, through the Internet after four failed attempts at assisted pregnancy in Singapore. The wife had a history of TB which had been treated prior to all her IVF attempts, but she could not conceive. The couple spent nearly Rs 10 lakh to have the baby in Mumbai. Before zeroing in on the city, the husband had been in discussions with an IVF centre in California, which has a liberal law on surrogacy. “However, the costs and logistical arrangement made us consider India,” said he. He had problems with Singapore laws too, which prohibit surrogacy. “Since the Indian government has come up with guidelines in assisted reproductive technology (ART) on surrogacy, I felt comfortable from a legal perspective, knowing the law allows the intended parent to have the custody right of the child as their genetic child, the husband said.”

Fertility treatment in India is preferred by many: First and foremost in the treatment of infertility is the cost factor. India has become the preferred destination for IVF, because it has the latest technology and is cheap as well. Second is the waiting period. In most developed countries seeking physician appointments is a challenging task and takes a minimum of six to eight months of waiting period for couples to start the process. However, in India, within a month of arriving, couples are already into the process of conception of an embryo. Third is the communication between docto’ and patient. Indian hospitals provide complete transparency throughout the procedure.

In some cases of couples from abroad, the husband’s semen is shipped to India and the wife reaches the centre at the time of stimulation This avoids the husband’s visit :: India and shortens the wife’s stay – India.

Recently, a couple from Austra s got their infertility treatment in Inc a This is what they want to say afte- their IVF treatment in India:

“We had been married for 13 years and had numerous failed IVF attempts for almost 10 years. We Ice- all hope and thought this was the e~: to our dream of having children. V.a were going to India for our holida.: soon. As we had heard a lot abc. the treatment in India, we decidec :: plan our complete treatment with me Indian doctors. After exchanging a : of e-mails and discussions we ca– to an agreement on a package :: come to India.

And we decided to attempt . r one last time. We started the : cycle immediately the same day all our pre-planning with the dam was done. The friendly and perse-r attention given by the Indian doer: and their staff at the clinic was reassuring and they also took a interest in our case. We ca^~: describe our joy, when in 14 da = after my embryo transfer, my b ::: test showed positive and high le.a of HCGI (human choriont:’ Gonadotropin is a hormone proc. in pregnancy, which is made b. me embryo soon after conception). E : – months later, I delivered two hea” baby boys though premature. E.: time, we look at our little bunder a joy, we feel overwhelmed bygram for the doctors in India and can- thank them enough in words. I dream has finally come true.”

Medical tourism is on the rise baby boomers are a part c* package?


n today’s fast-growing world the need for quick-fix homes has become essential. The recent furniture fair focussed on the furniture industry. Naturally, the fair attracted the furniture and interior decoration lovers in view of the display of exquisite variety of furniture. “How the world has been transformed!” shouted a viewer in excitement. Not for nothing did he express his joy. The organisers, Care Communication, had carved out a niche for itself within a short span of time by venturing into various innovative and theme-based innovations.

A wide-range of imported furniture from Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China and Laos with easy-to-fix, assembled kits in flat packs are catering to the needs of the ever- changing society. Besides the exclusive range of imported furniture, authentic Indian furniture from Udaipur, Rajasthan, Indore and Jaipur are catering to the needs of customers. Buyers’ market is no longer applicable for quality

products,” says a manufacturer and said that the customers are offered a variety of excellent furniture at competitive prices due to the active involvement of the importers and manufacturers to suit the needs and tastes of the customers.

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