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Police helicopter attacks Supreme Court in Venezuela

Police helicopter attacks Supreme Court in Venezuela

Police helicopter attacks Supreme Court in Venezuela

President Nicolas Maduro says it is a “terrorist” attack; Govt. He said a helicopter piloted by a police driver, who declared himself in rebellion against the president.

A Venezuelan police helicopter banned the Supreme Court and the Ministry of Government June 27, 2017 to rise to the political crisis in which the president of the group Nicolas Maduro called an attack on “terrorists” in the search ‘a coup State.

The plane fired 15 shots at the Interior Ministry, where dozens of people were at a social event, and dropped four grenades on the court, where judges gathered, authorities said. However, there were no reports of injuries.

“Sooner rather than later we are going to take the helicopter and those behind this armed terrorist attack against the country’s institutions,” said M. Maduro. “They could have caused dozens of deaths,” he said.

The 54-year-old socialist leader has faced three months of opposition leaders from demonstrations that have called for a dictator who has destroyed a thriving economy once.

There is growing dissidence within government and security forces. At least 75 people were killed and hundreds wounded and detained in riots against the government since April 2017.

Demonstrators demand elections, measures to mitigate a brutal economic crisis, the freedom of hundreds of opposition activists imprisoned and the independence of the legislature of the National Assembly, controlled by the opposition.

M. Maduro said they are seeking a coup against him with the support of a US government willing to take control of Venezuela’s oil reserves, the largest in the world.

The Venezuelan government said in a statement that the helicopter was transported by a research police driver named Oscar Perez, who declared himself in rebellion against M. Maduro.

A video posted on Instagram tells M. Perez at the same time showed before several armed and hooded men claiming that an operation was under way to restore democracy.

PĂ©rez said in the video that he represented a military coalition, police and civil officials oppose the government of “criminal”, urged the resignation of M. Maduro and convened general elections. “This fight is against the government … vile. Tyranny,” he said.

Witnesses said they heard several blasts in central Caracas, where Maduro Pro-Corte Suprema, the presidential palace and other key government buildings are located.

M Maduro opponents see the Interior Ministry as a bastion of repression and also hate the Supreme Court over a series of decisions that reinforce the president’s power and undermine the opposition-controlled legislature.

Controversial vote

Maduro, who replaced Hugo Chavez in 2013, is compatible with a July 30, 2017 vote for a super special body called the Constituent Assembly, which could rewrite the national charter and replace other institutions such as the opposition-controlled Congress .

He praised the meeting as the only way to achieve peace in Venezuela. But opponents, who want to advance in the upcoming presidential election scheduled for late 2018, say it is a unique fraudulent survey designed to hold socialist rulers.

They are boycotting the vote and protesting every day to the streets to try to stop it. Opposition leaders called Maduro a tyrant who has destroyed a thriving economy, once, then called the violent coup following the orders of the United States.

M. Maduro, who accused Washington of trying to control the nation’s oil wealth, said the “destruction” of Venezuela resulted in a huge wave of refugees that was ahead of the Mediterranean crisis.

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