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Mission Afghanistan: As China engages in 'shuttle' diplomacy and US-Russia renew rivalry, India must ramp up aid

Mission Afghanistan: As China engages in ‘shuttle’ diplomacy and US-Russia renew rivalry, India must ramp up aid

Mission Afghanistan: As China engages in ‘shuttle’ diplomacy and US-Russia renew rivalry, India must ramp up aid

Therefore, the joint statement Narendra Modi-Donald Trump has been read and body language and nuances are discussed in the media. Expected Visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the US Has been left behind, and the different factions claim victory or defeat.

Afghanistan and terrorism were among the many issues discussed by both sides, in particular the Indian delegation. The joint statement, to the delight of both sides, delivered a reprimand Pakistan.

The statement said that Pakistan would refrain from hosting terrorists, who appeared to elevate India’s diplomatic position vis-à-vis terrorism in Kashmir.

However, even if Modi and Trump were in the process of breaking bread, another important event occurred close to home.

On June 26, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang announced that Beijing would conduct “shuttle diplomacy” between Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is the result of Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited the two countries.

The announcement includes several points of interest, including a crisis management mechanism that focused on intelligence and operational cooperation and a mechanism to establish the meetings of Foreign Ministers of China, Afghanistan and Pakistan, which is likely to allow That this “walk”.

The statement also supported the Chinese compound quadrilateral Coordination Group, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United States with the specific intention of bringing the Taliban to the negotiating table and in the peace process.

In addition, the Peace Flag, the statement calls for a renewal of the Contact Group of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) with Afghanistan, which should include the interests of Russia.

China is the power of the SCO that the kingdom is a separate issue. As an additional solution in Afghanistan, the statement also supported the Kabul process, the project leader of President Ashraf Ghani. At one level, Beijing simply recognizes the confused mix of influential powers in Afghanistan and they have a role to play.

Russia, which entered inside and outside Afghanistan, has long cooperated with the United States to eliminate Al Qaeda leaders. However, there has been a sea change since 2015.

Russian presidential envoy to Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov would have said that Russia and the interests of the Afghan Taliban “objectively coïnciient” because of the formation of the Islamic state.

Since then, Russian officials have admitted meeting with Taliban leaders, while Afghan intelligence officials were quoted as saying that such meetings were held in Moscow and Tajikistan.

Russians have also frequently visited the province of Kunduz around Tajikistan, a strong ally of Russia. Others allege that some of these meetings took place in Iran.

Whatever the truth, the fact is: Russian President Vladimir Putin held four multinational meetings in Afghanistan. This shows that Russia is once again a major player in Afghanistan and places itself directly against the interests of the United States.

Why Russia is negotiating with the Taliban is not entirely clear. He might be alarmed by the growing influence of the Islamic State of Afghanistan – it is called the Islamic State of Khorasan Province (ISKP) – which he sees as a threat. The Islamic State in Syria, with hundreds of Chechens and Uzbeks in Moscow directly in their view.

It was recently reported that the Islamic state expanded its presence in northern Afghanistan, Jowzian. Meanwhile, according to Afghan sources of Al Jazeera, “thousands” of the Islamic state of marks were transferred to Afghanistan.

While some movements can not be excluded, nothing indicates that the group has more than 3000 people. And that was before the USA. Bombed its base in Nangarhar using the mother of all the bombs.

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