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Infosys row: Vishal Sikka is batting Narendra Modi style, but Narayana Murthy is no Advani

One begins to wonder if co-founder of the situation and former statesman Infosys, N R Narayana Murthy, is similar to that of Lal Krishna Advani to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

There are striking similarities between the reign of CEO Vishal Sikka in Bangalore software and the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi, both of which completed three years in the bar this summer.

It seems that Sikka is respectful but not necessarily conscious, greeting Murthy – and that puts him in the Advani syndrome, right? Like Modi, Sikka follows his own style of leadership with a vision to change the age order and was not overwhelmed by links to another era.

There are some weeks when Sikka said his respect for Murthy, it seemed that everything was fine after months of tensions on corporate governance issues between the two gentlemen.

However, the latest issue of Infosys dismisses the appeal Murthy disclose a research report on the acquisition of Panaya based on an appellate complaint raise questions both on health boards and on deeper issues of corporate governance.

By all accounts, Sikka seems to have been generous in acquiring Panaya as well as the dismissal of former chief financial officer Rajiv Bansal.

The explanation is legitimate that I wanted to develop a new strategy amid obstacles to outsourcing the old technological and political developments in the United States, the main market for Infosys – and wanted to be a favorite in the CFO’s head.

This is normal during business transitions, where hundreds are not caught up in strategic change. However, Murthy is not a former minority shareholder on the board, even if it is exactly his technical condition. All of India buys its icon status and open admiration for being emotional and idealistic.

He is also interested in Infosys as if it were a socially responsible company to employees and the public in one way or another, even if harsh reality of capitalism usually place the primacy of shareholders and customers / clients over other interests .

In this strange environment, Murthy has assumed the de facto state that mixes three unlikely characters. Despite the claims of soft feet Co-President Ravi Venkatesan, Murthy is an activist investor looking for a saying in the way the business is run.

Second, it is similar to a union leader who represents the interests of employees. Thirdly, as comptroller and auditor general of the company, with the desire to know if the money spent was justified and appropriate.

Everything indicates that the Board is satisfied with Sikka and Murthy dissent too much like that of Steve Jobs to the board of Apple when he was expelled (unauthorized) by John Sculley – the Jobs man hired.

Jobs had a second coming to Apple that revolutionized the world with the iPod and the iPhone. Unfortunately for Murthy, his second coming has been split at the seams.

There are two heavy voltage problems that build up in the atmosphere of the Infosys Green Campus in Bangalore beyond its trendy golf carts and enthusiastic engineers who walk up and down their majestic buildings.

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