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IAS Books for Civil Services Prelims and Mains Exam Preparation

IAS Books for Civil Services Prelims and Mains Exam Preparation

If you have the question “What books are needed to clean IAS?” In your mind, we hope that this publication will clear all your doubts. Taking the toppers entries, a detailed list of the best IAS books available on the market according to the latest UPSC course for each subject in Prelims and Mains is given below.

Candidates can click on each link to buy books online at a reduced price. Links to free online IAS study materials are also provided in this publication (see the last section). Make the most of the same. Good luck!.


IAS Preparation Books

Here are the links that contain details about the IAS preparation books needed for general and optional articles. In addition to the IAS test preparation books, there are also recommended books for the purpose of the interview. Motivational books are also included. The list has all the time great names of books to read in your life. However, you should only read them after Hands.

These IAS preparation books are classified in the Prelims and Mains books. There are also free e-books.

These books should be purchased selectively and more importance should be in NCERT Books and some standard books. In addition to the books, the main backbone of preparing for the IAS exams includes very well the current problems. Therefore, newspapers especially the Hindu is indispensable.


It is necessary to have a book for the orientation of the network

In addition to the NCERT books mentioned in the comments section of this publication, and The Hindu, a monthly magazine (any standard, not everything) and a corporate journal, the following books must be read in order to obtain a solid basis for deleting the Preliminary examination.

You can find many lists filled with many books for IAS if you are looking for materials to help you start your preparation for UPSC. But most of them are swollen lists, destined to scare you into thinking that there is too much to study!

Here is a short list of books to prepare IAS, which you must first enter (and sometimes download for free!) If you plan to seriously attempt the preparation of UPSC. These should be your first companions.

We have listed the books for IAS and we have briefly described why we think it is a must-have book for your preparation. You will also find a short guide on how to use the book as much as possible. The books are listed in the recommended order in which they should be read once you begin your preparation.

Best Books for IAS Preliminary Exam (Click on the links to buy UPSC Prelim Books)


Book Name Authore Name 
India’s Ancient Past R.S. Sharma
History Of Medieval India Satish Chandra
India’s Struggle For Independence Bipan Chandra
History Of Modern India Bipan Chandra

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