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Ex-Yankee Robinson Cano provides closing act at Aaron Judge's All-Star party

Ex-Yankee Robinson Cano provides closing act at Aaron Judge’s All-Star party

Ex-Yankee Robinson Cano provides closing act at Aaron Judge’s All-Star party

MIAMI – For much of the all-time schedule this week in Miami, the focus was on young players, connected players and a debate about the player who will finally emerge and claim the designation “face of the Game.” Commissioner Rob Manfred has not quite given justice to Aaron New York Yankees judge this distinction when asked his opinion, Tuesday. But he had to admit, the child has great potential.

Therefore, it was comforting for nostalgic fans to see a different player, with a pedigree Yankees providing the most enduring image of the 88th play of the Stars. The second base of the Seattle Mariners, Robinson Cano, a blast from the Bronx baseball past, drove a ball to Wade Davis 81 mph over the fence in the right field in the 10th inning, then a circle with calmly blowing bases Bubbles on your way to cross the plate with the game winner.

After Andrew Miller Cleveland took the NL in the bottom of the inning to seal a 2-1 victory – the fifth straight American League in the Summer Classic – Cano entered the press room of his 6-month-old daughter Galia Sofia . His son, Robinson, quickly joined the group, and it was not surprising that daddy’s francement soup beatific smile.

“It’s always good to do something extraordinary, especially in front of our family,” Cano said. “As a small, watching [Ken] Griffey and all these guys come to the All-Star Game MVP and win, and you want to have that feeling.”


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After expectations overwhelmed to win the Home Run Derby, the rookie of the Yankees did not offer an encore during the All-Star Game in Miami on Tuesday.

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If there was a prevailing theme for Tuesday’s game – other than the houses in the home, training and fans who left the Marlins Park early – they could have been “old guys react.”

Striker Cano and San Luis, Yadier Molina, opened the way for players to list the 2017 All-Star race with eight teams each. According to Elias, this is the first year that the All-Star player with the most appearances in his career was less than 10 years since 1952, when Stan Musial and Enos Slaughter took nine people. The first 28 All-Stars in Miami marked the biggest debut in the event since 1988.

Cano, 34, received a new fuel-inspired game before the big leagues honored eight members of the Latin American family and opted for eight active players to catch the first shots of the ceremony. Cano was at the receiving end of one of the great Dominican Jew Juan Marichal.

“I can not wait to have access to social media and get the picture and put it in a frame in my house,” Cano said.

Once the game started, respective team players have had the opportunity to play in a more relaxed atmosphere now that the MLB no longer assigns the championship benefit in the World Series to the league that wins the All-Star game. And another image quickly dismissed.

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