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CNN war with Trump gets personal

CNN war with Trump gets personal

CNN war with Trump gets personal

President War Trump CNN gave a more personal turn Tuesday after the White House has used its press conference to provide a video network coverage called the hidden camera of the Russian cable news controversy “shit.”

The video infiltrated the conservative James O’Keefe showed that a CNN producer doubted the coverage of the network and suggested that important stories were buried to keep attention in Trump and Russia.
At Tuesday’s press conference, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders encouraged viewers to watch the O’Keefe video, calling it “a disgrace for all media, all journalism.”
She also became interested in President Jeff Zucker’s CNN, saying that sensationalism and ignoring the facts were “straight from the top.”

CNN is present by producer, John Bonifield, which covers the health and medicine network headquarters in Atlanta. In a statement, the chain said that “diversity of personal opinion is what makes CNN high.”

A CNN source told the hill that the storm would happen in the video, saying it was recorded after an unfaithful conservative operator approached Bonifield claiming to have had a history of personal problems and asking to be admitted into a mentoring program.

“It’s silly, rumored to be something that is not,” the source told CNN. “He’s a producer of health units in Atlanta. It has nothing to do with Washington’s policy or research unit.”

The video appeared at a difficult time for CNN but was forced to retract a story alleging that one of Trump’s associates had inappropriate relationships with a Kremlin-backed bank. The episode prompted three CNN reporters to resign and reinforces the notion among many conservatives that Trump’s network is likely.

During a conference call Tuesday morning with CNN officials, Zucker said the network was “playing a ball without error,” for all its errors will be amplified.

“He said that for months, it’s really unfortunate, because there’s more room for corporate eaters,” a second CNN source told The Hill.

The dispute between Trump and CNN, burning for years, had already intensified before the test and the video of O’Keefe.

He fights with them two men with a long history: Zucker was the head of NBC when Trump received his reality show “The Apprentice.”

Conservative media like Breitbart News Now shake off Zucker, while Trump let insults die Tuesday.

“Fake News CNN analyzes the major changes in direction now that they have been captured by falsely pushing their fake Russian stories,” Trump wrote. “Evaluation of the bottom!”

“CNN finishes the show, which is the most watched in the second quarter of the story,” said the network communication service. “These are the facts.”

According to Nielsen’s second quarter notes, released on Tuesday, CNN was 10 percent year-on-year in prime time and 25 percent overall. It holds the third of all cable wars behind Fox News, MSNBC, but also the openly liberal selling point that has seen a dramatic increase of 86 percent in top ratings.

The new series of controversies sparked a cable news war highlighted by Fox News and CNN, with the best talents of the two outlets that have failed in the other’s weaknesses.

Last week, CNN host John and Fox News, Fox & Friends’ comparison to “TV Status.”

This week, Fox News ancestors Sean Hannity and Carlson Tucker, flooding the radio coverage of controversial coverage of CNN, who return the favor after CNN moved on the report of the former Fox ancestor O ‘ Reilly, who left the network amid a series of allegations of sexual harassment.

“Hey CNN, when are you going to take Zucker?” Hannity tweeted. “He destroyed the web of lies and a very new FACE.”

CNN saves small acts of protest against the administration, focusing on Trump’s treatment of the press, White House chief correspondent Jim Acosta, who led the charge demanding more briefings to the camera.

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