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CHANGING FERTILITY PATTERNS A range of factors cause infertility. Here is how. By Sudha Chandrasekaran

etting pregnant may seem like the easiest thing in the world, but it is actually not so for many people. If you are taken aback by the sheer number of childless couples today, you will be more troubled by the prediction that infertility will continue to create anguish for many more couples in the next few years. From time immemorial the problem of infertility has challenged science, complicated further by religious beliefs and superstitious practices. Today huge strides have been made worldwide by ART /

Artificial Reproduction Techniques) to redress this problem. So, cheer up.

One of the basic needs of all human beings is to have children. Unfortunately in 15 per cent of couples, conception does not occur. It is estimated that both men and women are equally responsible for 80 per cent of infertility problems and the remaining 20 per cent are due to other factors.

Remember that telling moment in Karan Johar’s blockbuster KANK? As a passionate Rishi (Abhishek)

Bachchan) tries to get close to his wife Maya (Rani), she stares at the ceiling coldly, leaving him frustrate: at the turn his life is taking Thousands of young married couple; across the country identifier themselves with the characters Infertility can play havoc in = marriage. Procreation complicate: today by lifestyle, aspirations a-: work pressures. “Many couples ten: to think the body can be programme: to do certain things at certain times t does not work that way. This frenz e: lifestyle is taking a toll on the fert *| of couples,” says lead’*: gynaecologist Dr Asha of Ran Hospital, Coimbatore. Als: increasing industrialisati: is polluting our enviro– ment with devastatr effects on human hea~ and fertility. Dr Asha reca. i treating a patient who ha been told as a child t* having relationship witt” woman was wrong. His uffered till he agreed to counselled and finally knowing that sex was a part of marriage, his conceived.

Infertility specialis: Kannagi Uthraraj Coimbatore says t spect of sexual dysfuno:’ here the partner is unat a perform is hardly discus As there are arti’

methods in this field, the dysfunction part is relegated to the background. This male sexual dysfunction can shatter a young couple’s life by affecting their sexual procreative and marital fulfilment and often results in unconsummated marriages, infertility and divorce. Her most peculiar case involved a young couple who were great friends but did not want to get into a regular marital relationship. They chose the easy way out, having two babies through artificial insemination.

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