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1993 Mumbai blasts convict Mustafa Dossa dies of cardiac arrest hours after being admitted to JJ Hospital

1993 Mumbai blasts convict Mustafa Dossa dies of cardiac arrest hours after being admitted to JJ Hospital

1993 Mumbai blasts convict Mustafa Dossa dies of cardiac arrest hours after being admitted to JJ Hospital

Mustafa Dossa, one of six convicted in the Mumbai bombing series in 1993, died within hours of joining JJ Hospital in Mumbai after a complaint against chest pain, CNN News 18 reported. The channel quoted police as saying that Mumbai Dossa succumbed to high blood pressure and chest pain at 14:30 on Wednesday.

The JJ Dean Dean Dr. TP Lahane confirmed the news and said Firstpost, “Dossa died of cardiac arrest.” The autopsy is being overseen by a panel of three doctors. Until after the post-mortem period. ”

Early in the morning, Dossa was admitted to the JJ Hospital after complaining of chest pain and high blood pressure.

“Dossa was admitted to the prison hospital at 3 am,” said Lahane PTI. Dossa (lodged at Arthur Road Prison) complained of chest pain and high blood pressure, diabetes and infection, Lahane added.

Dossa also informed the terrorist Special Court or Riot Act (TADA) about his heart condition and said he wanted to undergo bypass surgery. On Tuesday, the IWC has requested the death penalty for Dossa, arguing that his role in the explosions was “more serious” than hanging prisoner Yakub Memon.

In fact, the family fears of the deceased for his life after being convicted by the TADA court. In reaction to the verdict, Dosa’s son, Shahnawaz said, “It’s all over … My father is not coming back now.”

Image of explosion Bombs Mumbai Mustafa Dossa. The PTIFile image manifest Mumbai Mustafa Dossa. PTI
Special IWC representative Deepak Salvi told the special court TADA that Dossa was one of the “brains” behind the plot and that his degree of responsibility for the crime was higher. “If it were not for him (and others accused of leaks), the crime would not have happened,” Salvi told the court.

He told the court that the first meeting of the conspiracy that took place at the Dubai Dossa residence had sown the first seeds of the conspiracy. Salvi had argued that Dossa was one of the words and was in a position of authority.

“Dossa was one of the main conspirators who instructed others,” said the board in court. He argued that Dossa financed the landing of weapons and explosives and sent people to Pakistan for weapons training, etc.

Dossa had effective control of the incident and was one of the architects of the blasts, he said.

“Just as the Supreme Court ruled that the acts of Yakub Memon can not be considered as anything other than the act of Tiger Memon (Wanted accused in the case of explosions), this can be attributed to Dossa and other suggestions would be useless and must be Rejected at first glance, “Salvi said.

He said that Dossa was one of the “archers who use quivers and arrows and released one of the main authors who did the work for others.”

“The crime could have been avoided if the bees did not hatch (including Dossa) or if it had not started sending the first shipment of weapons,” Salvi said.

The CBI’s lawyer said that after the conspiracy was executed, there was a clear Dossa incentive and he was directly responsible for the blast because he was one of the brains behind the conspiracy.

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